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Keith JohnsonPrinciple Consultant

While working with water treatment chemical companies and independant consulting firms, Keith was able to provide professional services for troubleshooting cooling and boiler water applications and treatment problems, process waters, cooling and heating systems, steam generation, wastewater treatment and reuse, and wastewater discharge.  Since 2011, Keith has provided water treatment consulting services to many clients in various industries.


With over 36 years of experience, Keith has become knowledgeable and efficient in the fields of water treatment and environmental engineering.  Areas of special expertise include cooling systems (HVAC systems in particular), automotive wastewater treatment and petrochemical water treatment program management.  I was one of the first in the industry to write papers on the topic of "white rust" in galvanized cooling towers. 


I have assisted college campuses in understanding their many systems and how to create a performance-based bid specification to treat them. I have worked in refineries, steel mills, hospitals, office buildings and plastic molding plants, and so I have seen a very wide range of operating equipment and chemical treatment approaches for them.  In the years I have been involved with water treatment I have worked in almost every industry imaginable, and learned about systems of many types for heating, cooling, cleaning and improving water.


I am presently active in the Association of Water Technolgies (AWT), where I serve as co-chair of the cooling water sub-committee, which is part of the Technical Committee.  In this organization, I help solicit and review technical papers for presentation at the annual convention, prepare and edit white papers on a variety of cooling-related topics available to AWT members and provide inout and editorial feedback for items to be published in the Analyst, the AWT's quarterly publication. My exposure to a community of water treaters helps me in my water treatment consulting business by broadening my knowledge base.



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