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Keith’s diversified experience with water treatment processes and application of specialty chemicals for effective operation of utility systems in commercial, industrial and municipal facilities includes:


  • Field application work with specialty chemicals for operation of process water supplies, cooling systems, steam generation systems, wastewater and oil recovery systems in commercial and industrial facilities. Activities included monitoring of customers’ systems, operator training, problem identification, and problem solving.


  • In-depth facility surveys of industrial water handling systems from inlet to outlet, creating economic assessments of treatment alternatives, and development of water management plans to maintain cost effective operations while maintaining environmental regulatory compliance. These plans and product development activities encompassed a wide variety of industries, including chemical, refining, steel, utility, mining, textile, food processing, metal finishing, automotive (both assembly and drive train facilities), general manufacturing plants of almost all types and commercial HVAC systems.


  • Created and presented a variety of training programs for employees and clients on topics including wastewater treatment, foam control, boiler and cooling tower treatment, microbiocide uses and applications, and related topics.


  • Developed specialty water treatment chemical formulations to replace chromate-based corrosion inhibitors in aggressive waters, for control of white rust corrosion in galvanized cooling towers, and an extensive line of coagulation and flocculation polymers for waste treatment and oil recovery/dewatering.

Justin Mitchell

Keith demonstrates a uniquely broad combination of skills, including technical, managerial, and ethical. His mastery spans across all water treatment applications, and positions him to bring a high level of value to clients. Keith practices 360 degree accountability with peers, subordinates, superiors, clients, suppliers, and himself. He brings out the best in everyone. After having completed a project with really feel like you have created something special.

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